Redefining Recovery — Sports Rehab in Haverford, PA

The impact of sports rehab goes beyond physical healing.  At Primal Physical Therapy, we excel in delivering comprehensive sports rehab in Haverford, PA, tailored for athletes across the spectrum of age and expertise. We seamlessly merge scientifically-backed treatments with state-of-the-art technologies, empowering our clients to reclaim their strength, agility, and dynamism.

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Primal Physical Therapy: Redefining Sports Rehab in Haverford, PA

Gone are the days when rehab was just about healing an injury. At Primal Physical Therapy, we aim to bring you back more robust, sharper, and better than before. Our physical therapy services in Haverford, PA, are not just here to help you recover but to help you break your records.

Athletic Enhancement

Our team of experts aim to enhance your athletic abilities, ensuring that your comeback is more robust, faster, and more formidable than before. Our therapist also taps into your recovery's mental and emotional facets, understanding that complete healing is a harmonious blend of body and mind.

Innovative Techniques

From high-tech machinery to revolutionary therapy techniques, our approach ensures you experience the zenith of what modern sports rehab offers. Educating you about your injury and recovery process makes you active in your healing journey, not just a bystander.

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Comprehensive Care for Common Sport Injuries

Your body is your most prized possession, especially when you're an athlete. That's why Primal Physical Therapy offers these approaches to tackling common sports injuries:

In-Depth Evaluation and Insightful Assessment

Every injury is unique, as is every individual. We dive deep into your specific situation, employing a blend of contemporary and time-tested evaluation methods:

  • Physical Exams: Hands-on assessment to gauge the injury's extent.
  • Functional Movement Analysis: Understanding your movement patterns to tailor treatments.

Review of Medical History: To ensure every detail is noticed, ensuring the most informed approach.

Tailored Treatment Plans

Our commitment to your well-being means constantly evolving our methods. We've curated a mix of treatments that combine scientific rigor with compassionate care:

  • Corrective Exercises: Redefining your movement for the better.
  • Therapeutic Techniques: From ultrasound to dry needling, targeting pain at its source and stimulating healing.

Meet Your Physical Therapists

Your journey to recovery is paved by experts who understand the intricacies of the human body but also the spirit of an athlete.



With over 20 years of steering athletes back to their peak, Dr. Thomas is a luminary in sports rehab. Her education and continuous dedication to the field have resulted in a blend of tried-and-true methods with innovative techniques that address the holistic needs of athletes.


  • Functional dry needling: For deep muscle stimulation and pain relief.
  • Gait analysis: Evaluating your walk and run to optimize movement.
  • Available range conditioning: Maximizing joint performance.
  • Postural evaluation: Assessing and correcting body alignment.

Pain neuroscience education: Helping athletes understand pain to manage it better.


Eric Abramowitz, DPT, FDNS

Dr. Abramowitz brings fresh perspectives and a rigorous evidence-based approach to sports rehab. His work with athletes spans various sports, each time tailoring his approach to the specific demands of the discipline.


  • Comprehensive Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA): Pinpointing problematic movement patterns.
  • All-encompassing Functional Movement Systems (FMS): For holistic athletic development.
  • Titleist Performance Institute Certification: Tailored for golfers to enhance their swing and reduce injury.
  • Elite ACE Running Gait Analysis: For runners, sprinters, and marathoners.
  • And an arsenal of techniques designed for athlete-specific challenges.

Jessica Calderón, DPT

Steeped in academic excellence from Northeastern University and hands-on experience at the esteemed Spaulding Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Jessica has become a trusted ally for athletes on their road to recovery and peak performance.


  • Foundation Training: Enhancing mind-muscle connectivity and posture.
  • Gait Analysis: Fine-tuning an athlete's movement mechanics.
  • Pain Neuroscience Education: Empowering athletes to understand and manage pain.
  • Spanish-Speaking Therapy: Offering dedicated care for Spanish-speaking athletes.

Chelsea Turgeon PT, DPT

A distinguished graduate from Lynchburg College in 2014, Dr. Chelsea brings a decade of profound expertise, ensuring athletes and individuals stay on track with their mobility and functional aspirations.


  • Concussion and Vestibular Therapy: Tackling balance and dizziness challenges with precision.
  • Functional Dry Needling & Graston: Deep muscle stimulation techniques to combat pain and enhance movement.
  • Certified Running Gait Analyst: Elevating runners' performance through efficient biomechanics in collaboration with Dr. Eric.

Joe Dawson, MPT

Emerging from the prestigious University of Delaware in 2002 with a Master's in Physical Therapy, Joe Dawson complements his professional expertise with a psychological foundation from Widener University. His unique blend of education allows a deep connection between the mind and body, which is vital for optimized patient outcomes.


  • Osteopathic Manual Therapy: Skilled hands-on techniques targeting the spine and extremities for enhanced mobility.
  • Specialized TMJ & Facial Pain Treatment: Bringing relief to those with jaw-related and facial discomforts through advanced techniques.
  • Dry Needling: A proven method for deep muscle relaxation and pain alleviation.
  • APTA-Credentialed Clinical Instructor: Joe's excellence in the field extends to mentoring upcoming talents, ensuring a legacy of informed and compassionate care.

Regain your Prime Performance With Sports Rehab in Haverford, PA

Our sports rehab in Haverford, PA, isn't just about bringing you back to your pre-injury state. It's about building resilience in your muscles, mind, and spirit, fortifying you against future challenges. In other words, we don't just heal; we rediscover your potential. Get back in the game more assertively with our sports therapy — book your consultation today.