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Same team, top-of-the-line equipment, still in Bryn Mawr, with a bit more elbow room, and an atmosphere that matches our love for working with and helping people.

Our new address is 905 W. Lancaster Ave Bryn Mawr PA 19010

We're just two blocks from our old location, so we're still conveniently located for patients in:


Our Physical Therapy Treatments

Gait analysis

Identifies the factors contributing to your particular injury

Blood flow restriction

Brief and intermittent occlusion of blood flow while exercising

Movement Analysis

Fixing the source of the problem, not just treat the symptom

Dry Needling

Unique therapy often administered with traditional physical therapy exercises

Laser Therapy

Uses light to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes

Postural Correction

Restore balance throughout your muscles to give you the ability to sit and stand tall

Sports Rehabilitation

Assisting your recovery from sports-related injuries 

Golf Swing Analysis

Improving fundamental movement while preventing breakdown and/or overuse

Meet our Physical Therapists

Our team is excited to meet you at our new Bryn Mawr location!


Real patients, real stories, real progress. If you want to know what you’re in for when you work with Primal Physical Therapy, take some time to read what our current and former patients have to say.


Jameer Nelson

Sports Broadcaster, NBA All-Star

I've played at the highest level and been around some great trainers, PTs, and coaches. I have recently been doing laser treatment at Primal with JJ and she is right at the top and the best of the best as a PT.


Alberto Robayo

Gracie Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Owner Miloki Flow Jiu Jitsu/Jiu

My livelihood depends on staying injury free, moving efficiently, staying healthy, and being able to rest and sleep well so I can continue to train and teach Jiu Jitsu. Primal has been imperative in helping me achieve these goals.


Robby Andrews

Professional runner, Olympic athlete

I have gone to JJ for everything from an achilles tear to a tight shoulder. As a member of the 2016 Track and Field US Olympic Team, I value my health above all else, and there is no one I trust with my body more than JJ and Primal Physical Therapy.


Ryan Hurst

Co-owner and program director GMB Fitness; holds black belts in Kendo, Judo, Kempo, and purple belt in BJJ

The fact that she is constantly learning new techniques and refining her skills, JJ is simply the best out there. I live in Japan and she has to treat me remotely, she is still the only person that I want working on me. I can't recommend her enough.

Tara Siddons
Tara Siddons
February 16, 2023.
I had dry needling done on my very painful/stiff frozen shoulder. I don't fully understand the science on how it, BUT IT WORKS!! My range of motion improved greatly after 1 session. I was honest to God in shock when Eric rechecked my range of motion after the dry needling. Absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much, Primal!!
Turin Pollard
Turin Pollard
February 9, 2023.
Eric and JJ are fantastic, professional, dedicated and knowledgeable. They focus on each patient individually, and customize the treatment to your goals, limitations and abilities.
Holly Goodman
Holly Goodman
January 11, 2023.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff and very efficient!
T Wahoo
T Wahoo
December 8, 2022.
Eric was extremely thorough and knowledgeable! I was struggling with hip bursitis and Eric was able to loosen/manipulate the hip socket and dry needle the area. My range of motion has already improved and I just had my first visit this morning. Highly recommend!
Caitlin Gee
Caitlin Gee
August 20, 2022.
Eric explained everything clearly and thoroughly. He gave me my diagnosis respectfully and in a matter of fact way that helped me feel optimistic on the way out of my appointment.
Lisa Horning
Lisa Horning
August 9, 2022.
Within a few short weeks, my debilitating neck pain is nearly gone. Eric is the consummate professional and very skilled.
Amy Lyn
Amy Lyn
June 19, 2022.
I would recommend Primal PT to friends and family. After one session, I received detailed instruction that suited the needs of my body to become stronger. I have been too many PT's in the past. This was the first time I received this type of detailed one on one attention/instruction.
eleazar morris
eleazar morris
June 16, 2022.
Nothing else was working to alleviate my pain - not chiropractic, accupuncture, massage, yoga, etc. The first day I met Eric he said he knew what was wrong and was confident he could treat the issue. He was correct. I avoid leaving reviews, but I’ll happily leave this review for Eric.
Annalisa Donnelly
Annalisa Donnelly
May 24, 2022.
I took care of patients many years ago and sometimes had to perform surgery. Having said this it wasn’t so long ago that I couldn’t render an opinion. JJ is the perfect combination of clinical expertise and compassion. She will listen to you and get to the root of the problem quickly. Best of all, she’s clinically bright enough to show you compassion and provide the much needed boost to get you healed and on your way. She will never stand in the way of your fitness goals and yet her clinical advice has always been so highly valued. JJ loves what she does and does what she loves. Enough said😊
Grant Kircher
Grant Kircher
January 29, 2022.
As an active competitor in BJJ in my late 20s, I understand injuries are going to happen but the team at Primal Physical Therapy have been excellent with getting me back on the mats. I typically work with Eric. He really takes the time to understand my activities and goals to personalize my treatment. He is also extremely knowledgeable of the human anatomy and keeps it real by providing honest feedback throughout my treatment. Overall, it is a great experience to work with their team and I highly recommend checking them out.