Dr. Jessica Calderón, DPT


Jessica received her doctorate in physical therapy from Northeastern University. While in Boston, she interned at some of the top-ranked U.S. physical therapy institutions including Spaulding Rehabilitation Center, where she was able to observe both clinicians and researchers at the Harvard Running Clinic as well as cutting edge researchers for spinal cord injuries.

Jessica has been a member of the Boston Marathon Medical Team since 2021. She has researched student confidence in providing healthcare to adults with intellectual disabilities which was published in the Journal for Intellectual Developmental Disability through PubMed. Since coming to Primal Physical Therapy Jessica has been both working alongside and learning from Dr. JJ Thomas and Dr. Eric Abramowitz.

Jessica believes that the mind and body must work together for optimal healing and performance. She implements this by integrating ‘Foundation Training’ into her PT practice. FT is a series of movement patterns, comparable to yoga or pilates, that stimulate the diaphragm to work with spinal and postural stabilizer muscles. This decreases pain and improves performance by opening the spinal column, which stimulates mind-muscle connection, improved posture, and better flow of nerves through the body. Using FT with physical therapy re-educates the body to “lock in” interventions and patterns that are introduced into the session as the patient returns to activities of daily living or sports performance.

Jessica hopes to help her patients maximize their physical potential through a variety of goals whether that be for a professional sporting event, a local 5k or getting through a work day pain-free. Jessica has a South American background and loves to work with Spanish-speaking patients.

In her free time you can find Jessica playing reggaeton, looking for the nearest beach, discovering new exercises, and enjoying family and friends!