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Are you searching for top-notch physical therapy services in Radnor, PA? Look no further! Our brand new clinic on West Lancaster Ave is only a short drive from Radnor, so you won't have to travel far to get high-quality physical therapy treatment!

Our primary goal at Primal Physical Therapy is to assist you in recovering more quickly and resuming your favorite activities! Whether it's taking your children or grandkids for a walk, or if you're an elite athlete, our skilled physical therapists can help you overcome any injuries!

Conveniently located just a short drive from Radnor, PA

Our team looks forward to meeting you and assisting in your recovery at our modern, warm, and welcoming location!

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Physical Therapy near Radnor, PA

We concentrate on getting you to the point where you don't "need" us all the time to keep doing what you love physically.


We cater to each patient on an individual basis, so there are no group treatments! Because no two injuries are the same, no two physical therapy recoveries are identical. Our expert physical therapists will design a highly customized recovery strategy based on your unique demands using this method.

Dr. Eric Abramowitz working with patient at Radnor Physical Therapy clinic

When your body sustains an injury, it's not an isolated incident. The entire area surrounding where the injury occurred will be affected in some way.

Our Radnor physical therapy treatments are designed to help you get back to your daily routine quicker and keep future accidents at bay. That implies regaining your strength, flexibility, endurance, and alleviating pain.

  • Movement Analysis

    Understanding how and why you hurt yourself may assist you in avoiding future injuries. That's why we conduct a comprehensive body analysis to better comprehend your condition and its present impact on your life.

  • Radnor Dry Needling Therapy

    Dry needling is usually used in combination with traditional physical therapy methods. Dry needling may assist patients to recuperate mobility by decreasing pain and inflammation while also aiding the natural healing process of the body.

    Dry needling is a treatment that uses tiny filament needles to release trigger points, reduce muscular tension, relieve muscular spasms, break up scar tissue in damaged sites of the body, and improve circulation.

  • Blood Flow Restriction

    Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) is a cutting-edge therapy option available at our Radnor Physical Therapy clinic. Blood Flow Restriction is a type of manual treatment that uses lightweight elastic wraps to compress the muscles and restrict blood flow to help them recover more quickly.

  • Laser Therapy near Radnor, PA

    At Primal Physical Therapy, we utilize the most advanced FDA-approved Class Four Laser on the market. This guarantees that the laser energy is extremely safe and efficient for your body.

    Laser Therapy can help with a variety of medical issues by increasing cellular oxygenation, blood flow, inflammation reduction, and encouraging cell repair in your muscles, tendons, and joints.

  • Radnor Sports Rehab Program

    At every level of performance, athletes suffer from sports injuries. While each sport puts certain individuals at risk of a specific injury, no two sports injuries are ever identical.

    Our objective is to provide the best rehabilitation possible for each athlete. We'll work with you to achieve a fast recovery and return to your sport or activity, our team of Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers.

    We provide individualized treatment programs to get you back to your sport fast and in top condition, whether you are suffering from acute, chronic, or minor pain.

  • Golf Swing Analysis

    The Primal Golf Swing Analysis Program is led by expert Eric Abramowitz, who will provide an analysis and treatment program to help you recover from a golf-related injury.

    This is a complete golf swing analysis, and it's broken down into three parts: the upper body, the lower body, and everything in between. This program will provide you with at-home exercises, drills, and stretches to help you keep your gains and create long-term success on and off the course.

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